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Live Free Therapy is a therapeutic private practice established in January 2014, and dedicated to guiding others to live their life to their fullest, by having more control of one’s thoughts, feelings, and physical well-being. Many times, it can be difficult to continue daily activities when we constantly worry about the future, dwell on our past and struggle with managing current stressors. Review our dedicated therapists for further information about how they can help you.

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    Diana Kral LPC, LADC and Owner

"The art of successful living requires discerning what things need to change to preserve the things that really matter."    

                             -R. Dreher


Your Greatest Self.


Today you are one step closer to a more free, accepting, and  balanced  you.   Life  can  be busy and  stressful,  especially when trying to balance many aspects of  your day to day activities.  Our  goal is  to help  you uncover your true  potential and  lead a  life that  is worth celebrating. 


Although we have expertise in the psychotherapy process,  you are the expert of your  life and you can be in control of this inner life. Our primary goal is to establish a safe, trusting, therapeutic relationship where you are able to share your inner most thoughts, feelings, and experiences with us.  From this foundation, we can explore new ways of approaching your problems. 

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      The Lotus Flower represents that though a person can be struggling amidst adversity, that person can overcome their circumstances and blossom.

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