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Live Free Therapy offers EMDR sessions for those who have a single incident trauma or a specific short term issue to improve. EMDR is an extensively researched modality that alleviates the negative impacts of trauma (big Traumas or little traumas) quickly.  EMDR effectively allows people to continue to live symptom free after going through challenges.  Live Free Therapy also uses EMDR as a powerful and transformative tool in helping people to overcome longer-term trauma, address negative core beliefs, and work with deeply rooted emotional and somatic issues. 

     Learn more about EMDR:

                    General Information

      New York Times: The Evidence on EMDR




                       Group Support:

Alcoholics Anonymous:



Al Anon:


Narcotics Anonymous:

Benefits of Therapy:

  • Be empowered.

  • Discover yourself.

  • Learn healthier ways to cope with challenges.

  • Feel supported in the therapy process.

  • Improve your relationships with others.

  • Improve your relationship with yourself.

  • Develop greater inner strength.

  • Receive a non-judgemental perspective 


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